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Learn more about Bancor: How to buy, Exploring Its Impact, Market Capitalization, and more
What is Bancor?

Bancor (BNT) emerges as a groundbreaking cryptocurrency, streamlining the digital asset exchange process. Its allure lies in its user-friendly approach: no need to navigate intricate procedures or complex exchanges. Bancor's standout feature centers around the utilization of 'liquidity pools.' These intelligent contracts supply the necessary funds for exchange operations. The more substantial the funds within the pool, the more streamlined the exchange process becomes.

Consequently, Bancor ensures swift and straightforward cryptocurrency exchanges, eliminating reliance on centralized platforms and reducing fees. This project's fundamental aim is to establish a standard capable of seamlessly uniting all cryptocurrencies within an independent decentralized liquid network. For those seeking a hassle-free and efficient means of cryptocurrency exchange, Bancor stands out as a dependable partner in this venture.

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Select one from the list, then choose the fiat currency to pay with and enter the amount.
Enter wallet address
That is the address of the wallet you’d like to receive your crypto. Don’t have one?
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Decide whether you want to pay via SEPA or just using bank card and confirm the payment. Now you own BNT!
How to buy
What is Itez?

Fast and secure way to purchase crypto with bank card & SEPA

Best rates on the market
Exchange rate is based on the current rate of our liquidity provider partner
Fair pricing approach
No hidden fees, you pay only what you see
Fast transactions
We ensure that you receive your BNT as fast as possible
Secure and legal
3-D Secure transactions. Card authorisation by code. Verified by Visa, Mastercard ID Check
How does Bancor achieve automated and low-slippage swaps?
Bancor employs Automated Market-Maker (AMM) which users can deploy and customize. It adjusts token prices based on supply and demand, so swaps become very efficient.
What's the role of the BNT token in the Bancor ecosystem?
This is the native token of the protocol. BNT enables automatic conversions between other assets.
Can I provide liquidity to Bancor pools and earn rewards?
Users can do this by supplying tokens to Bancor's liquitity pools, earning fees and rewards at the same time.