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Learn more about Wrapped Bitcoin: How to buy, Exploring Its Impact, Market Capitalization, and more
What is Wrapped Bitcoin?

It is known that with all the undeniable advantages of Bitcoin, it also has some weaknesses compared to its successors, the altcoins. One solution to this issue has been the creation of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), which is valued equivalently to Bitcoin but can be used within the Ethereum network and other blockchain networks. This allows Bitcoin holders access to the benefits that other altcoins offer, such as the ability to interact with smart contracts and DeFi applications. Thus, Wrapped Bitcoin can be described as a "cryptocurrency bridge" between the two major blockchains—Bitcoin and Ethereum. This brings greater liquidity and value to both ecosystems.

Wrapped Bitcoin is traded on major exchanges such as Bybit, Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase. Additionally, our user-friendly itez service enables you to purchase WBTC directly using a bank card or SEPA transfer in just a few minutes.

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) price in USD
in 24 hours

Сhoose crypto
Select one from the list, then choose the fiat currency to pay with and enter the amount.
Enter wallet address
That is the address of the wallet you’d like to receive your crypto. Don’t have one?
Pay and receive
Decide whether you want to pay via SEPA or just using bank card and confirm the payment. Now you own some WBTC!
How to buy
What is Itez?

Fast and secure way to purchase crypto with bank card & SEPA

Best rates on the market
Exchange rate is based on the current rate of our liquidity provider partner
Fair pricing approach
No hidden fees, you pay only what you see
Fast transactions
We ensure that you receive your WBTC as fast as possible
Secure and legal
3-D Secure transactions. Card authorisation by code. Verified by Visa, Mastercard ID Checkc
Can I earn interest on my WBTC holdings?
Yep, it's possible. For that, use decetralised finance (DeFi) protocols like Aave or Compound.
Is WBTC's supply capped like Bitcoin's?
No, WBTC's supply is not capped. It can be minted or burned based on demand.
Can I redeem Wrapped Bitcoin for the underlying Bitcoin?
Yes, users can redeem WBTC for the underlying Bitcoin. All they need to do is to return the assets to custodians, who then will release the equivalent amount of BTC.