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Istanbul blockchain week 2022

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🗓 When? November 14-17.

📍 Where? Istanbul, Turkey.

🎟 Tickets? Still on sale on the official website of the event.

Turkey is becoming a place of active development of crypto business and a paradise for crypto enthusiasts!

Why Turkey? 

To understand this, let's take a look at the statistics:

🔸 over 25 million Turks are still unbanked (the total population is 83+ million people);

🔸 20% of the Turkish population owning or using cryptocurrency.

And some of those 25 million seem to be using only crypto…

What is IBW?

Istanbul Blockchain Week is a real holiday for crypto enthusiasts! It will last for 4 days and it will be divided into several parts.
The event includes three main activities.

Activity 1. NFT Day 🖼️

On November 14 there will be panel discussions about the role of NFT in the metaverse, and about how NFT will change the concept of “ownership". Most importantly, participants will learn how to identify the most interesting projects worth investing in.

Activity 2. IstanBlock 🎓

On November 15 there will be IstanBlock. It is the main event of the week, which will raise the most important issues in the Web 3 environment: DeFi, trading, DAO, web3, venture capital and regulation.

IstanBlock will become a platform for discussions and for experience exchange. And there will be someone to exchange with! Both representatives of the sphere and representatives of public administration will take part in the discussions.


Ziya Altunyaldiz – President of the Republic of Turkey Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission.

Ciara Sun –  Founder of C² Ventures, a chain-agnostic blockchain investment company that focuses on empowering builders with the capital and operational expertise to build and scale the next generation of Web3 and metaverse applications.

Gleb Kostarev – Regional Head of Binance Asia, who has extensive experience in marketing, operation and team management and who now leads the Asia market at Binance.

And 100+ other interesting speakers from all over the world!

Activity 3. The world’s first live Web3 Esports tournament! 🎮

Also organizers planned a W3E Championship. It will be the world's first Web3 esports tournament on the EV.io game, a dynamic first-person shooter and the most popular game based on the Solana blockchain. Several teams from all over Europe and Asia will participate in the tournament. The main prize is $15,000 and a chance to take home the first trophy of the W3E Championship, including its NFT version.

See you there! 👋

P.S. ​​If you want to but can't attend this event, subscribe to our Instagram as all the most interesting things will be there.

P.P.S. And check other November crypto events in our calendar.

Anton Verigin
Anton Verigin

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