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Keep an eye on what’s going on in the crypto markets.
22 September, 2023
Mt. Gox exchange postpones repayment deadline for a year
This move was disclosed by the trustee in a letter to creditors.
18 September, 2023
Over 50% of Bitcoin mining energy is clean
Such a fact means that Elon Musk can add Bitcoin as a payment method to Tesla again.
7 September, 2023
TON Foundation launch in Switzerland
The Open Network Foundation has settled in Switzerland as a non-profit organisation.
22 August, 2023
FBI confiscates $1.7 million in crypto
The authority has disclosed information about seizures during the spring of this year.
21 August, 2023
CoinGecko’s report on Bitcoin mining costs
From $260 to $208,000 for electricity for one Bitcoin.
14 August, 2023
Binance Labs and Curve partnership
$5 million investment for 12.5 million tokens and commitment to the BNB Chain deployment.
11 August, 2023
Coinbase invests in Rocket Pool
The investment arm of the exchange bought RPL tokens.
3 August, 2023
The third halving of Litecoin
Exploring curious statistics about “digital silver”.
2 August, 2023
MicroStrategy remains bullish on Bitcoin
The company outlines plans to raise additional funds for Bitcoin purchases.
1 August, 2023
Happy birthday, Ethereum!
8 years have passed since the launch of one of the main crypto networks.
31 July, 2023
74% of top banks support crypto
According to the latest CoinGecko research, 37 of the 50 world biggest banks are crypto-friendly.
27 July, 2023
Cryptojacking rises, ransomware decreases
A new report by SonicWall reveals a staggering spike in cryptojacking as crypto criminals move away from ransomware.
26 July, 2023
What is going on in the NFT market
Let’s explore the reasons behind the sharp decline and examine whether it is a good investment opportunity.
19 July, 2023
CoinGecko's report on Q2
The key highlights of the crypto market.
13 July, 2023
New crypto experience for Android users
Google Play supports blockchain apps and NFTs with a new policy.
12 July, 2023
Crypto crime in the first half of 2023
Following Chainalysis, rates decline, but the ransomware threat persists.
11 July, 2023
Now 20% of ETH is locked in staking
More than 650,000 validators support the network.
10 July, 2023
Coinbase executives sell shares ahead of SEC hearing
The CEO and top management of the company sold almost $7 million worth of shares.
10 July, 2023
Crypto development trends
Key insights from a recent report.
6 July, 2023
dYdX makes its move to Cosmos
Top perpetual DEX announced a public testnet launch on the Cosmos Network towards decentralization.
28 April, 2023
Telegram and crypto
How the messenger became an important part of the crypto market.
16 February, 2023
Best investment options for 2023
Let’s explore all the pros and cons of currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, real estate, and precious metals.
27 December, 2022
The present and future of NFT
We’ll discover how the NFT market goes in the middle of crypto winter and what prospects it has.
15 October, 2022
5 crypto market trends 2022
From diving into metaverses, to P2E rebirth