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What is a crypto faucet?

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In the crypto industry, a crypto faucet offers an intriguing opportunity for enthusiasts to dip their toes into the world of digital assets. These faucets offer users a way to earn small amounts of various coins, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), by completing simple tasks or activities. 

If you're new to the concept or seeking to enhance your earnings, this guide will provide a comprehensive overview of crypto faucets, how they operate, the advantages they offer, tips for choosing the right one, and reviews of some of the best options available.

A crypto faucet is an online platform or application that dispenses small amounts of cryptocurrency to users in exchange for completing tasks or viewing advertisements. The concept is derived from the idea of a water faucet, where a controlled stream of water is released at regular intervals. Similarly, crypto faucets distribute small amounts of digital currency at set gaps, allowing users to accumulate these assets over time. You should try this if you are looking for passive income ideas.

The inception of crypto faucets can be traced back to the early days of Bitcoin, with the first-known BTC faucet being The Bitcoin faucet. It was launched by Gavin Andresen, one of the early crypto developers,  in 2010. The Bitcoin faucet dispensed 5 BTC per user β€” at that time this amount was worth almost nothing. That allowed users to experiment with Bitcoin transactions without significant financial risks. The initiative, similar to airdrop principles, aimed to promote the adoption of the first cryptocurrency and distribute it widely.

As Bitcoin gained popularity and value, more faucets emerged, offering smaller amounts of tokens (actually, parts of Bitcoins called Satoshis, which is equal to 0,00000001 BTC) to users for completing various tasks. These tasks included:

  • Solving captchas. Users verify their identity or prove they are human by solving simple puzzles or captchas. 
  • Playing games. Users play simple games hosted on a faucet platform, often with a chance to win additional rewards.
  • Clicking on advertisements. Users watch advertisements or click on sponsored links provided by the faucet platform's partners.
  • Participating in surveys. Users provide feedback or information by participating in surveys or questionnaires.

The popularity of crypto faucets continued to grow, particularly during bull markets when interest in cryptocurrencies surged. However, the landscape of the faucet market has evolved over time, with many faucets now supporting a wide range of cryptocurrencies beyond just Bitcoin. For example, you can now find an Ethereum faucet.

Additionally, the types of tasks offered by faucets have expanded, and some faucets have implemented additional features such as games, lotteries, or referral programs to incentivise user engagement.

Today, crypto faucets remain a popular way for users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency, particularly for individuals who are new to the world of digital assets and want to explore different cryptocurrencies without financial risk. While the earnings from faucets are typically modest, they can serve as a valuable educational tool and provide users with a gateway into the broader ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

Faucets receive funding from their partners. For instance, the platform has established a partnership with a streaming service willing to compensate third-party actors for solving captchas. The faucet provides the service with users who want to complete these tasks in exchange for a small amount of coins. To facilitate the partnership, the streaming service pays the faucet, which then distributes the funds among users who solve the captchas. The owner of the faucet receives a percentage of the total deal as a perk. For example, they may retain 10% of the payment and distribute the remaining 90% to faucet users as compensation.

How do crypto faucets work?

Crypto faucets operate on a relatively simple premise but involve several key mechanisms to function effectively. Here's a detailed explanation of how crypto faucets work:

1. User engagement. Users visit a crypto faucet website or app and engage with the platform by completing tasks or activities. These tasks typically require minimal effort and can include solving captchas or viewing advertisements.

2. Reward distribution. Upon completing the specified task, users are rewarded with small amounts of cryptocurrency. The amount of cryptocurrency earned varies depending on several factors, including the task difficulty, current market conditions, and the faucet's payout policy. You can count on several dozens of dollars per day. Faucet rewards are typically distributed directly to the user's wallet associated with the faucet platform.

3. Payouts. Crypto faucets often operate on a predetermined payout schedule, releasing rewards to users at regular intervals. These intervals can range from minutes to hours, days, or even longer periods. The frequency of faucet payouts may vary depending on factors such as the faucet's revenue generation, user traffic, and advertising agreements.

Users have the option to withdraw their accumulated cryptocurrency rewards from the faucet platform to their personal wallets or accounts. Faucet platforms typically impose minimum withdrawal thresholds, (at least $10) and may charge fees for withdrawals to cover transaction costs or administrative expenses. Users can choose from various withdrawal options, including direct wallet transfers, microtransactions wallet services, or cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto faucets generate revenue through various means: 

  • advertising; 
  • sponsorships; 
  • partnerships. 

Faucet platforms display advertisements to users while they engage with the platform, earning revenue based on factors like ad impressions, clicks, or user actions. Some faucets receive sponsorship or support from crypto projects or companies, which increases their revenue and payments to users.

Advantages of using crypto faucets

There are many advantages tied to the crypto faucets. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Accessible entry point. Faucets provide a low-barrier entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to earn small amounts of digital assets without significant financial investments.
  • Education. Users can learn about blockchain, various cryptocurrencies, and how they function by participating in faucet activities.
  • Passive income. While the earnings from faucets may be modest, they serve as a source of passive income for users who engage with them regularly.
  • Maintain engagement. Crypto faucets help the industry to stay in the highlight and attract more people, which is good for the whole market.

By the way, crypto faucets can provide you with the first crypto to start an adventure in the crypto industry. 

How to choose a crypto faucet?

When selecting a crypto faucet, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure a positive experience and maximise your earnings. Here are some points you should pay attention to:

  • Reputation. Choose faucets with a good reputation and positive user reviews to minimise the risk of scams or fraudulent activities.
  • Payout frequency. Look for faucets that offer frequent payouts to ensure you can access your earnings regularly.
  • Supported cryptocurrencies. Select faucets that offer a variety of cryptocurrencies to diversify your earnings.
  • Range of tasks. It would be nice to have a choice. 
  • Fees. Learn about the percent platform charges from earned money as a fee.
  • User experience. Opt for faucets with user-friendly interfaces and straightforward tasks to enhance your overall experience.

Review of the best crypto faucets

There are many legit crypto faucets on the market. The itez editorial picked several platforms for you to learn about their key properties.

1. FaucetPay

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FaucetPay is a popular wallet specialised in micro payments that supports multiple cryptocurrencies and serves as a payment gateway for more than 600 faucets. Users can easily withdraw their earnings from supported faucets to their FaucetPay account.

2. FreeBitco.in

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FreeBitco.in is one of the oldest and most reputable Bitcoin faucets, offering hourly free BTC rolls, games, and a weekly lottery. Users can earn up to $200 daily rewards by participating in various activities on the platform. As for April 5, the platform has already distributed about 250K Bitcoins.

3. CoinPayU

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CoinPayU is a platform that allows users to earn BTC by viewing advertisements, completing surveys, and performing other simple tasks. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and multiple earning opportunities. 

4. AdBTC

AdBTC is a Bitcoin advertising platform that enables users to earn crypto by viewing websites or advertisements. They can choose from various advertisement categories and earn Satoshis for each visit. Payments start with 2 Satoshis (0.00000002 BTC). 

Tips for earning with crypto faucets

Crypto faucets are one of the easiest ways to get some crypto for free. Smart users can use some tips to increase income and make the experience smooth. Here are some recommendations you should pay attention to:

Be consistent. Regularly engage with faucets to maximise your earnings over time.

Diversify. Explore multiple faucets to diversify your cryptocurrency earnings and minimise dependence on a single platform.

Stay safe. Be cautious of scams and fraudulent faucets, and never share sensitive information or send cryptocurrency to unknown entities.

Refer to friends. Many faucets offer referral programs that allow you to earn additional rewards by inviting friends to join the platform. That is good additional micro earning.

Explore new opportunities. Don't hesitate to explore new platforms to find additional ways to earn money via faucets. 


Crypto faucets present an accessible and straightforward method for earning free cryptocurrency. By completing simple tasks or activities, users can accumulate small amounts of digital assets over time. While the earnings may be modest, faucets offer an excellent opportunity for newcomers to explore the world of cryptocurrencies without financial investments. Choose reputable faucets, diversify your earnings, and stay consistent. That way, you can maximise your earnings and potentially generate a passive income stream. 

Learn how to earn crypto with faucets today and claim free crypto effortlessly. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively navigate the world of crypto faucets and begin earning free cryptocurrency. 

πŸ€” Do you use a crypto faucet?

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