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Main Blog Hype Pre-orders number for Solana's Chapter 2 smartphone surpassed 60,000

Pre-orders number for Solana's Chapter 2 smartphone surpassed 60,000

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On January 16, Solana Labs launched pre-orders for its second Web3 smartphone, the Chapter 2. Currently, their number exceeds 60,000. So far, the device's pre-order price is $450. To stimulate interest, pre-orders are rewarded with a special soulbound token (SBT), the holders of which will possibly receive airdrops, and there is also a referral system. Let's unwrap what is known about the device, how to pre-order it, and why it has attracted attention among the crypto community.

What is the Chapter 2

In mid-December 2023, the rise in the price of the BONK memecoin led to Solana's Saga smartphone sold-out. To recap briefly, this was due to the fact that the purchase of the device was for an airdrop of tokens worth more than the price of the smartphone.

On January 16, Solana Labs launched pre-orders for a new version of its smartphone, Chapter 2. Technical features are not disclosed, but, judging by the fact that the current pre-order price is $450, it will not be as powerful as the previous one, which was first priced at $1,000 and then reduced to $599. It seems that this time, the company has decided to make the product more accessible to the audience.

The main features of the previous version aimed at crypto users will also be in the new device: marketplace with Web3 dApps on Solana and a built-in non-custodial wallet. However, the interest in the device is fuelled by speculative airdrop expectations.

A referral system and Soulbound token are promoting Chapter 2 pre-orders

Solana Labs took two steps to gain attention to its new device: issuing a soulbound token (like NFT but without the ability to transfer the token, i.e. it is strictly tied to an address) for pre-orders and a contest for referrers. Let's analyse each of them in more detail.

After paying for the pre-order, a special soulbound token is sent to the address. Specific rewards for it were not promised, but it probably can be an important criterion for getting airdrops in the future. A similar feature was with the previous Saga smartphone: some projects on Solana gave out tokens to addresses possessing NFT for the purchase of the device.

Considering the fact that the number of pre-orders exceeded 60,000, the community is waiting for future airdrops.

A referral program has also been launched for large influencers. Anyone can make a referral link and be promoted to the leaderboard for each pre-order. At the moment, the first place is held by a user under the nickname @paulbarron, who has 391 referrals. 

8 major projects on Solana are sponsoring this initiative and have announced rewards for leaderboard participants. Details can be found on the social media accounts of these projects.

How to pre-order and is it worth it

Right now, the pre-order will cost you $450. However, according to the info on the site, the price will be increased soon without any specific details given. You can pre-order Solana’s new smartphone on this website. These are the steps:

📝 Fill out the required information;

💰 Connect a Solana wallet that has $450 in USDC and some SOL for blockchain fees. You will also receive a soulbound token on the same account;

ℹ️ Follow the further instructions on the website.

Also note the following important details:

📅 The devices are scheduled to be delivered in the first half of 2025. Closer to the exact dates, Solana Labs will clarify the addresses for delivery;

💸 Refunds for pre-orders are available either if the product launch is cancelled or there will be no delivery to the country of your choice;

🚚 The $450 price is not a final price and does not include possible taxes, shipping costs, or fees.

From a speculative point of view, the purchase poses some risk as there is no guarantee that the airdrops for those who pre-order will recoup the cost of the smartphone. However, the same happened to the previous Solana Saga device. Moreover,  you will have a real smartphone that can be used or sold on the secondary market. But there is also an unpredictable moment—the technical specifications are still unknown.

In general, participation here is like buying a pig in a poke. However, compared to the purchase of suspicious tokens, you will have a real smartphone, the cost of which will not be as volatile. 

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