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Main Blog Markets The most influential women in the crypto industry: top 7

The most influential women in the crypto industry: top 7

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According to Google, 85.77% of crypto community members are men, with women making up only 14.23% of the market. Despite this gender disparity, women have made significant contributions to the establishment of the digital asset market. On the eve of International Women's Day on March 8, the itez editorial board decided to compile a list of the most famous and influential females in the crypto community who made a real impact.

1. Hester Peirce

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Occupation: politician, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner

Hester Peirce is well-known among the crypto community as “cryptomom.” The Commissioner, unlike many of her colleagues, supports the development of the digital asset market and promotes the creation of a transparent legal framework for the crypto industry, Pierce has been known to defend crypto projects facing SEC pressure. For example, in October 2023, she defended the LBRY crypto project, whose team was forced to stop work due to the watchdog's sanctions. The Commissioner's support did not bring the company back to life, but it showed other developers that not all members of the Commission are enemies.

Hester Peirce was one of the few SEC staff members who supported the long-awaited approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US. Learn more about the importance of the tool's launch and its impact on the crypto industry using our special article. Today, “Crypto Mom” is seeking approval for spot Ethereum ETFs in the United States.

2. Cynthia Lummis

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Occupation: Republican Senator from Wyoming

Cynthia Lummis became the first member of the US Senate to openly declare investments in Bitcoin. Since 2013, she has been buying cryptocurrency and actively working on creating a regulatory framework to regulate the rights of crypto industry participants. For example, Cynthia is one of the authors of a bill designed to develop AML standards for the digital asset market.

Moreover, Lummis regularly advocates for crypto projects. In August 2023, she defended the popular crypto exchange Coinbase, which is being accused by the SEC of violating securities laws.

3. Cathie Wood

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Occupation: investor and founder of the investment company ARK Invest

Catherine (Katie) Wood is an investor who has inspired many people to dive into the crypto industry. She gained fame due to her bold investment decisions and the strong support she provided the crypto community with.

Katie is one of a few professional investors who calls Bitcoin a store of value and invests in BTC herself. Wood also provides the market with positive price predictions, which inspire her colleagues to take a leap of hope towards crypto. In January 2024, she predicted Bitcoin would skyrocket to $1.5 million by 2030.

4. Elizabeth Stark

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Occupation: co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, Bitcoin second-layer (L2) solutions developer

Elizabeth entered the crypto industry in 2010, a year after Bitcoin's network was launched. Stark quickly realised that the digital asset market could face scaling challenges in the future. She guessed it right. Therefore, Lightning Labs L2 solutions happened to be in demand. Market participants can use them in order to reduce the pressure the BTC network has faced over time.

Elizabeth is also involved in work dedicated to creating a clear regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency market as a member of the non-profit organisation Coin Center.

5. Kathryn Haun

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Occupation: investor

Kathryn (Katie) Haun is a well-known crypto investor and a board member for both the popular crypto exchange Coinbase and the NFT marketplace Opensea. Prior to December 2021, she also worked for the investment company Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

The businesswoman gained popularity due to her desire to attract as many people in the crypto industry as possible. She participates in educational activities and funds promising crypto projects.

Haun's background includes work at the US Department of Justice. During her service, she created one of the watchdog’s first crypto task forces, which is engaged in the creation of a digital market legal framework and crypto investigations.

6. Arianna Simpson

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Occupation: General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Arianna Simpson is a general partner at the investment company Andreessen Horowitz. She is responsible for investing in the crypto sector. Arianna uses the experience she gained during the creation of the investment crypto fund, Autonomous Partners.

Simpson is engaged in educational activities. She is always happy to discuss the potential of the digital market during various specific events. The girl’s enthusiasm infected many market participants with decentralised financial market ideas.

7. Laura Shin

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Occupation: journalist, Unchained podcast host

Laura is an American journalist who has dedicated her career to supporting crypto market development. In order to reach the goal, she launched the Unchained podcast. Her guests are the most popular members of the crypto community. Here are a couple of examples: Microstrategy founder, the largest Bitcoin investor among public companies, Michael Saylor; the outrageous Luna and TerraUSD coin's creator, Do Kwon; and one of the most famous traders in the crypto community, Peter Brandt.

A journalist, with the help of guests, explains the mechanics of the cryptocurrency. She inspired a lot of people to learn more about the digital asset market.

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