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Itez and CoinW became partners

The year is already coming to an end, but the itez team has not gone on vacation yet. 
Today we are pleased to inform you that the CoinW cryptocurrency exchange became our partner! šŸ¤

About partnership

CoinW is a cryptocurrency exchange used by 7 million users in more than 120 countries around the world. The amount of daily trading is $1.3 billion. Exchange users can buy 550+ cryptocurrencies for fiat and use them in more than 20 ways: spot trading, margin trading, futures and so on.

And now each of those 7 million users can try out our handy widget in action! Itez provides an opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies for more than 30 fiat currencies with a minimum commission and a lightning-fast purchase speed. āš”ļø

Enough words: you should see for yourself how it works

Igor Kachura
Igor Kachura

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