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Verification through residence permit

The KYC procedure is mandatory for secure transactions on any financial service. On itez, it is possible to verify your identity with a choice of 3 documents:

👤 Passport;

🚘 Driver's license;

💳 ID-card.

And now we have added a residence permit to the list of identification documents! The procedure does not differ from the verification with other documents:

📷 Upload a photo of the document to the system;

🤳 Upload your selfie;

🧑‍💻 We’ll check the details; 

📨 You’ll receive a notification when the verification is completed.

By the way, the data processing speed on our service is only 1.5 minutes. Now it has become even easier to buy cryptocurrency with itez! 🥳

Igor Kachura
Igor Kachura

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