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Litecoin FAQ
What's the scoop on Litecoin (LTC)?
Litecoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Some call it a "lighter" version of Bitcoin. It provides faster and very cheap transactions.
How does LTC differ from Bitcoin?
LTC's block generation is much faster than BTC. It also operates on a different hashing algorithm called Scrypt.
Is LTC just a testnet for Bitcoin?
No, LTC is a fully functional cryptocurrency. It has its own unique use cases and a distinct community.
What's the significance of LTC's faster block times?
LTC's block time accounts for 2.5 minutes. So, Litecoin is mostly used for everyday transactions, which perfectly should be quick.
Can I use LTC for everyday purchases?
Yes, LTC is widely accepted by many merchants and businesses around the globe. The coin can be used for buying both goods and services.
How does LTC's supply compare to Bitcoin?
Litecoin's supply is more that of Bitcoin. LTC is capped 84 million coins, while BTC supply is constrained to 21 million.
What's "Segregated Witness" (SegWit) in LTC's context?
SegWit is a protocol upgrade that was launched in the Litecoin network back in 2017. It's main goal is to enhance security and increase the block size limit, which should improve LTC's scalability.
Can I mine LTC like Bitcoin?
Yes, LTC is mineable through ASICs, just like BTC.
The third halving of Litecoin
3 August, 2023
The third halving of Litecoin
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