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How to create an EUPi wallet

The EUPi Stablecoin is issued with a closed emission of 1 Billion and 100 Million. EUPi is backed by euros held in banking account of CAPITAL Pi Fund (Dutch Fund).

We will show you how to create EUPi wallet with two different services. You can choose the most convenient one.

How to create Broxus wallet for EUPi storage

Step 1. Go to Broxus and click the «Get a wallet» button.


Step 2. Choose your way to install the application. We will use Google Chrome on the Windows PC.


Step 3. Click the «Add to Chrome» button.


Step 4. Run the «EVER Wallet» application and click «Create a new wallet».


Step 5. Save the 12-word seed phrase so you can easily regain access to your wallet. Then click «I wrote it down on paper».

❗ Don’t share this data with anyone!


Step 6. Check your secret recovery phrase. Then press «Confirm».


Step 7. Set a strong password you don’t use anywhere else. Press «Confirm».


Step 8. Congratulations! 🎉 You created your EVER wallet. Now let’s configure it to work with EUPi. Open the extension. 


Step 9. Press «Select assets».


Step 10. Switch on EUPi in the drop-down list and push the «Save» button for adding EUPi to your wallet.


Step 11. To find the address of your wallet click on the «Receive» button.


Step 12. Copy your wallet address to receive crypto.


How to create an Ever Surf wallet for EUPi storage

Step 1. Go to Ever Surf and click the «Get Started» button.


Step 2. Download and install the app for the device of your choice. We will use Ever Surf for desktop Windows as an example.


Step 3. Run the «Ever Surf» application and press «Create profile».


Step 4. Read and accept the «Surf Decentralization Policy». Then click the «Confirm» button.


Step 5. Create PIN.


Step 6. Now we need to get a 12-word seed phrase to quickly regain access to your wallet in any case. Click the screw icon in the upper left corner.


Step 7. Press «Safety protection».


Step 8. Select «Seed phrase». 


Step 9. Pay attention to the safety warning. Then click «Got it». 


Step 10. Write down and save your seed phrase in a secure place. Then press «Saved. Double-check».

❗️Don’t share this data with anyone!


Step 11. Confirm your secret recovery phrase.


Step 12. Congratulations! 🎉 You have created your EVER wallet. To start working with the wallet, you need to activate it. You can do this by clicking on the «Activate» button.


Step 13. Now let’s get some welcome Evers to initiate your wallet. Press the «Get welcome Evers» button. 


Step 14. Complete transaction by clicking the «Confirm» button.


Step 15. Now let’s look for your wallet address. Click the screw icon in the upper left corner.


Step 16. Click the «Surf» button to see your wallet address.


Step 17. Click on your wallet address to copy it.

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