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21 September, 2023
Ledger Recover feature comes by the end of 2023
The company's CEO confirmed the plans despite criticism within the community.
13 September, 2023
MetaMask launches beta test of Snaps
Snaps are aimed at expanding the functionality of the most popular wallet.
6 September, 2023
Sell ETH for fiat in MetaMask
A popular crypto wallet introduces a new feature for transferring Ethereum to bank accounts.
10 August, 2023
TON Space comes to Wallet
A non-custodial wallet within your Telegram.
13 July, 2023
News from @Wallet: Wallet Pay
A step towards seamless cryptocurrency payments on Telegram.
7 July, 2023
MetaMask’s fresh interface
The MetaMask extension unveils an updated user experience for simplified Web3 interactions.