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Case studies: successful crypto OTC trading stories

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OTC (over-the-counter) trading success depends on simple rules. Let’s learn them and observe the process with examples.

Here's what you need to do to make cryptocurrency successful on the OTC market:

  • pick a trusted platform;
  • pay attention to the details while setting up the deal;
  • discuss all the questions about price, settlements etc. prior to conducting the deal;
  • use support if you have any questions about the deal or settlements;
  • respect the platform’s rules.

Crypto OTC platforms provide customers with liquidity and convenient tools to conduct deals without third parties. Unfortunately, not every platform deserves attention. A good example of a trusted one is itez. It gained popularity due to its transparency, convenient interface, effective support, and wide range of tools.

itez provides customers with the best possible OTC experience. It is a premium service for businesses, sophisticated investors, high-net-worth individuals, and institutions. The platform combines dedicated support, best pricing, and immediate settlements. That is why itez OTC is highly recommended by the crypto community.

Nowlet’s observe a couple of successful OTC trading stories that can help you understand how it works.

Story 1. Annie wanted to purchase 15 Bitcoins (BTC) for cash. She found the seller on itez OTC and set up the deal. During one of the stages, she found the opportunity to afford even more coins, but the deal was already settled. Annie asked its deal partner if he didn’t mind changing the agreement, and he agreed. If she tried to conduct an equal deal within the classic exchange, there would be no window to change settings when the deal has already been settled. That is why this is a successful OTC trading story.

Story 2. Jack was looking for a deal with delayed payments. Most customers rejected the offer when he found the partner who agreed on itez OTC. They settled a payment schedule and picked an over-the-counter trading platform as a warrantor. The OTC broker secured all risks, leaving both sides satisfied. 

Story 3. Marty decided to sell his stash of Bitcoins through itez OTC. As the sum was huge, it took a while to find a buyer. Both sides were satisfied with the details of the deal, but Marty wanted a warranty. OTC support explained to him that settlement can be conducted without any risks because the platform itself acts as a warrantor. Marty agreed and sold coins with the best price.

itez combines smooth onboarding, competitive pricing, and fast settlements, aiming to be at least one head higher than rivals.

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This article is not an investment recommendation. The financial transactions mentioned in the article are not a guide to action. Itez is not responsible for possible risks. The user should independently conduct an analysis on the basis of which it will be possible to draw conclusions and make decisions about making any operations with cryptocurrency.

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