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Main Blog Hype FBI accuses Lazarus Group of stealing $41 million

FBI accuses Lazarus Group of stealing $41 million

On September 6, the FBI levelled accusations against Lazarus Group, a cybercrime group with ties to North Korea, for stealing $41 million dollars from betting platform Stake. In addition to this, the agency also published the addresses to which the stolen funds were transferred.


Details of the FBI statement

On September 4, $41.3 million worth of crypto assets were withdrawn from the hot wallets of the betting platform Stake. In response to this, Stake temporarily suspended incoming fund deposits to the platform.

Further, On September 6, the FBI released a short statement blaming Lazarus Group for the theft. The statement did not elaborate on how exactly the agency determined the group's involvement. However, it includes a list of 33 addresses across 4 blockchains where the stolen funds have been stored:

4 on Ethereum;
5 on BNB Chain;
2 on Polygon;
22 on Bitcoin.

What else is known about Lazarus Group

The FBI also highlighted other recent crimes in the world of cryptocurrencies related to this group of hackers. These are: 

A $37 million theft from the payment service Coinspaid on July 22;
A $60 million theft from a similar service called Alphapo on July 23;
A $100 million hack of Atomic Wallet on June 3.

The total damage from Lazarus Group's activities is estimated at more than $200 million in 2023.

Moreover, the developers of Tornado Cash have been accused of helping this group of hackers. According to the US Department of Justice, Roman Semenov and Roman Storm facilitated the laundering of funds stolen by Lazarus Group.

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