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Main Blog Hype OnlyFans’ parent company invests $19.9 million in ETH

OnlyFans’ parent company invests $19.9 million in ETH

It is not just Bitcoin that companies are acquiring. According to the financial statements published on August 24, the parent company of content subscription service OnlyFans, Fenix International, has invested up to $19.9 million in Ethereum between 2021 and 2022.

What’s known from the Fenix International's investment history

Actually, not much. We do not know exactly how much ETH is on the company's balance sheet, as well as the addresses of the wallets. However, as of November 30, 2022, the report shows an unrealized loss of $8.455 million. At that time, ETH was worth about $1250.

Unfortunately, the report does not provide a means to calculate the exact number of coins the company holds. This is because the value of assets on the day of the report's publication may differ from the prices at which the company bought cryptocurrency.

By the way, OnlyFans added support for NFT as profile avatars in February of this year.

Also, recently it turned up that Donald Trump is holding ETH, too.

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