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8 September, 2023
User lost $24 million due to phishing attack
The hacker took out 9,579 stETH and 4,851 rETH from a user’s account.
7 September, 2023
CBOE files two applications for spot Ethereum ETFs
VanEck, ARK Invest, and 21Shares are awaiting a decision from the SEC.
6 September, 2023
Visa adds USDC payments on Solana
The company has also partnered with two acquirers to test these transfers.
5 September, 2023
Ethereum September 2023 price prediction
ETH typically drops in September. Learn the reasons and what to expect this year.
5 September, 2023
Прогноз Ethereum на сентябрь 2023: ждать ли эфира по $2000
Обычно ETH падает в сентябре. Рассказываем, почему так и что будет в этот раз.
4 September, 2023
MakerDao uses Solana codebase for NewChain
Now the project is working on Ethereum; Buterin sold 500 MKR for $581,000
1 September, 2023
Market is down: SEC delays decisions on all spot Bitcoin ETFs
Now, the regulator has time to consider the applications until mid-October.
28 August, 2023
OnlyFans’ parent company invests $19.9 million in ETH
The latest financial report revealed information about the company's investments.
25 August, 2023
Tornado Cash founders charged by US federal courts
Unpacking the Tornado Cash case and its proceedings with regulators.
17 August, 2023
Bitcoin falls to July low after Fed minutes
The crypto market is declining due to a possible increase in the interest rate.
18 August, 2023
SpaceX sells BTC, Ethereum futures ETF gets approval
Recent waves of FUD and rumours have shaken up the market.
11 August, 2023
Coinbase invests in Rocket Pool
The investment arm of the exchange bought RPL tokens.
8 August, 2023
Etherscan messenger
Features from the popular service now via mobile app.
7 August, 2023
PayPal launches its stablecoin
PayPal USD will soon become available for users.
2 August, 2023
Ethereum’s August price prediction
Are we going to witness Ethereum ascend to the $2,500 mark prior to the summer’s end?
2 August, 2023
Прогноз Ethereum на август
Ждём ETH по $2500?
1 August, 2023
Happy birthday, Ethereum!
8 years have passed since the launch of one of the main crypto networks.
31 August, 2022
The Merge is coming
What to expect from the transition of Ethereum to the PoS protocol.
18 July, 2023
Uniswap unveils a new protocol
UniswapX is aimed to improve DeFi trading experience.
17 July, 2023
Binance increases deposit flexibility
Lightning network and multiple deposit addresses are about to enchant efficiency.
7 July, 2023
Uniswap v4 release
Uniswap version 4 set for release after Ethereum's Cancun upgrade.
28 September, 2022
6 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022
Coins that have the greatest growth potential and what to consider when investing today.
5 July, 2023
Rocket Pool’s vulnerability
Lido and Rocket Pool clash over centralization issues.
4 July, 2023
ERC-7265 to protect funds
An Ethereum proposal to reduce the damage from DeFi hacks.
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1 July, 2023
Что такое Ethereum
Какие технические решения сделали ETH популярным и как хранить монету.
8 May, 2023
ERC-4337 review
How the new standard made Ethereum crypto wallets even better.