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Main Blog Hype Qubix Infinity: the P2E metaverse for Web3 projects promotion

Qubix Infinity: the P2E metaverse for Web3 projects promotion

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Qubix Infinity is a promising Play-to-Earn (P2E) project, or as developers call it, a Battle and Earn platform. The digital universe has combined a lot of tools that allows both ordinary players and businesses to make money. Let’s dive into the Qubix Infinity world to discover how it works and why Web3 projects’ teams should explore the platform.

What is Qubix Infinity?

Qubix Infinity is a Unity-based metaverse for epic robotic battles which take place in NFT rooms. Developers use this term as a name for the digital spaces that Web3 projects can create using the Room Builder tool. Every room is a unique NFT token which can be sold or rented.

Qubix Infinity battle participants and the whole digital universe's main heroes 🤖 are also NFTs. Through the game you should monitor a robot's health indicators. There are four main abilities per robot, which determine its possible victory on the ring and a pace at which its health indicators decrease. Users can improve their heroes' chances for winning with upgrades. Players can also sell robots on the market and earn money with the referral program and staking.

Here are some of the game features:
🏟 A player can choose a single mode or join a guild. In the near future the developers are going to create gaming alliances, as well as to fill the digital world with Easter eggs.
🤼 The developers offer several game modes, including matches and battles. The choice affects the way the system counts points and, consequently, the amount of earnings.
🪙 The project has a native token, QBXC. It’s used to pay gamers a reward. The token is deflationary, which means periodic QBXC burnings 🔥.

Check out the Qubix Infinity metaverse video review.

The project status and roadmap 

Qubix Infinity MVP has already been released. Gamers can now visit virtual rooms and organize multi-user battles. Single-player mode is also available.
The projects' smart contracts are finished too. You can dive into the Qubix Infinity world through the platform’s alpha version. The main network launch will take place at the end of 2023 Q1.

The game is currently available in browser format, and now the developers are working on a client launch. The project roadmap also includes some additional steps:
🔹 launching new game mods' and NFTs' release;
🔹 running of special events;
🔹 releasing new tools that will enable users to interact with the metaverse (NFT rent tools in particular).

The Qubix Infinity team also plans to launch a sandbox mode (a non-linear game with unlimited possibilities for users).

Qubix Infinity for B2B

According to its creators, Qubix Infinity is a one-of-a-kind project for B2B marketing of Web3 segment. The platform’s mechanics allow interaction with third-generation Internet products. Here's how it works:

➡️ Web3 projects can connect their tokens to the Qubix Infinity platform. Any Web3 project can create its own NFT room via Room Builder, and then customize it using brand identity. Users' fights can take place in that digital space. The access mechanic includes selling entrance tickets for a certain project’s native tokens. As NFT room popularity grows, the owner will be able to sell it.
Developers note that token integration into the rooms is available on various blockchains, including Ethereum and Polkadot.

🔄 Qubix Infinity gamers intersect with various DeFi projects users. Scheme opens up access to community exchange, cross-marketing, and business promotion in the digital space, which is beneficial for all parties.
Thus, Qubix Infinity is attractive for B2B as a platform that helps to increase the active user audience and the partner's cryptocurrency demand.

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