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19 September, 2023
SEC calls Stoner Cats NFTs unregistered securities
Mila Kunis' collection has gone up in price, and some marketplaces have suspended the sales amid the news.
5 September, 2023
Casio launches NFT watches on Polygon
The company is currently gathering an active community in Discord to carry on a giveaway.
1 September, 2023
Lufthansa airlines launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon
Customers will be able to exchange NFTs for bonuses from the company.
29 August, 2023
SEC says Impact Theory’s NFTs are securities
The regulator recognises NFTs as securities for the first time in charges against Impact Theory media company.
25 August, 2023
Trump’s NFTs spike by 67%
Former USA President’s NFT collection of baseball cards skyrocketed in price amid an interview.
23 August, 2023
3 months in prison for NFT insider trading
A former OpenSea employee has been sentenced to prison and fined.
21 August, 2023
OpenSea stops forced royalties
The NFT Marketplace has sparked discussions about the idea of royalties with its decision.
17 August, 2023
Trump holds $5 million worth of crypto
Recent financial disclosures and onchain analytics have unveiled the politician's wallet address with a balance of $5 million.
16 August, 2023
NFT sneakers from Adidas & BAPE
Adidas and BAPE will sell 100 pairs of sneakers through the NFT auction on Ethereum.
9 August, 2023
Crypto in Futurama: how the West was 1010001
The latest episode of the sitcom references the crypto world, including Bitcoin and other digital assets.
1 August, 2023
US lawmakers to seek for Apple's crypto-apps clarity
US lawmakers want to find out if Apple is stifling the growth of crypto technologies.
28 July, 2023
The British Museum steps into the Metaverse
The British Museum has partnered with The Sandbox.
26 July, 2023
What is going on in the NFT market
Let’s explore the reasons behind the sharp decline and examine whether it is a good investment opportunity.
26 July, 2023
Что происходит на рынке NFT
О том, почему NFT стремительно падают в цене и есть ли смысл покупать токены, пока дёшево.
21 July, 2023
NFT deals on OpenSea
Top marketplace introduces new opportunity for secure Peer-to-Peer NFT trading.
13 July, 2023
New crypto experience for Android users
Google Play supports blockchain apps and NFTs with a new policy.
5 July, 2023
Land ownership goes digital with NFTs
Indian State is collaborating with a Web3 startup for a blockchain-based land ownership record system.
4 July, 2023
NFT to promote women's football
Non-fungible tokens collection from the Swiss women's national football team.
27 December, 2022
The present and future of NFT
We’ll discover how the NFT market goes in the middle of crypto winter and what prospects it has.
15 October, 2022
5 crypto market trends 2022
From diving into metaverses, to P2E rebirth
13 June, 2023
NFT Show Europe
NFT Show Europe is the premier European destination for web3, digital art, blockchain and metaverse experts.
3 March, 2023
5 best Play-to-Earn projects in 2023
Let’s discuss some projects worth paying attention to.
20 January, 2023
Qubix Infinity: the P2E metaverse for Web3 projects promotion
Let’s discover how the platform works and why Web3 projects’ teams should explore it.
23 December, 2022
Interview with the Monaproof founder
Learn about the crypto market trends firsthand.
21 December, 2022
What is NFT
Let's figure out whether it is an echo of the digital future or a global scam.
24 September, 2022
How to make NFT: 4 simple steps
We’ll talk about the features of NFT and try to create non-fungible token together.
23 August, 2022
10 questions to Cryptobots’ creators
About the details, features, prospects of the Cryptobots game and about the future of the whole NFT industry.
11 August, 2022
SIGGRAPH 2022 - Itez Calendar.
9 August, 2022
Cryptobots to turn the NFT games world upside down
Let’s talk about Cryptobots – a worthy play-to-earn project. Caution: the article contains gifts!
27 July, 2022
Walken: promoting activity & crypto
Here is our overview on popular NFT game Walken. Read, enjoy, play and earn!
22 July, 2022
The Global NFT Summit London 2022 🌐🦄
The Global NFT Summit London 2022.
27 June, 2022
European Blockchain Convention 2022🌐🦄
European Blockchain Convention 2022.
20 June, 2022
NFT NYC 2022!🌐🦄
NFT NYC 2022.