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25 September, 2023
Binance to delist stablecoins that do not meet EU MiCA rules
The exchange’s CEO has spoken about negotiations with issuers of compliant stablecoins.
30 August, 2023
Binance to stop support for BUSD in February 2024
This will happen after the termination of the stablecoin redemption by Paxos.
30 August, 2023
Visa and Mastercard end Binance card partnership
All the latest news about the difficulties between a crypto exchange and payment giants in one article!
22 August, 2023
FBI confiscates $1.7 million in crypto
The authority has disclosed information about seizures during the spring of this year.
14 August, 2023
Binance Labs and Curve partnership
$5 million investment for 12.5 million tokens and commitment to the BNB Chain deployment.
3 August, 2023
Tether saves $20 million for Binance
The company's swift intervention helps Binance avoid potential loss.
31 July, 2023
Binance rejects CFTC's lawsuit
The crypto exchange accuses the US watchdog of going beyond its jurisdiction.
21 July, 2023
What’s up with Binance: is it really going to collapse?
Let's take a closer look at the regulatory claims and the potential implications of this pressure.
21 July, 2023
В чём обвиняют Binance
Какие претензии регуляторы предъявляют Binance и стоит ли ждать краха криптобиржи.
17 July, 2023
Binance increases deposit flexibility
Lightning network and multiple deposit addresses are about to enchant efficiency.
13 July, 2023
BNB Chain upgrade announcement
BNB Chai upgrades with "ZhangHeng" hard fork for enhanced security measures.
13 December, 2022
Top stablecoins on a bear market
The ultimate comparison of 3 best coins.
16 November, 2022
BNB and BUSD joined itez!
Today our crypto exchanger became bigger. We have +2 new cryptocurrencies!