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MetaMask launches beta test of Snaps

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On September 12, MetaMask announced the beta test launch of Snaps, a solution designed to extend the functionality of one of the most popular wallets. Snaps allow users to interact with non-EVM-compatible blockchains via MetaMask and other features for better user experience. Let's take a closer look at the update.

In a nutshell, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility implies that the blockchain is similar to Ethereum in terms of architecture, enabling compatibility with Ethereum’s features, such as smart contracts. This compatibility proves convenient for users as it allows them to manage their wallet addresses on multiple networks using a single seed phrase. Notable networks that support EVM compatibility include Polygon, BNB chain, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Read more about it here.

A closer look

Previously, MetaMask users could only interact with Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains. To access networks like Solana or Bitcoin, they had to install other wallets.

MetaMask has launched a software mechanism called Snaps to solve this problem. Snaps allows independent developers to make add-ons for MetaMask to extend the wallet’s functionality. The concept mirrors how browser extensions work in Google Chrome and other popular browsers.

Currently, MetaMask boasts 34 Snaps from verified developers. According to the company's announcement, the wallet "plans to phase out the vetting process to create a fully permissionless platform". Thus, anyone will be able to create their own Snaps within MetaMask and share them with the community.

Snaps fall into three categories, each offering special benefits:

👀 Transaction Insights. With their help, you can learn more about the transactions details; 

🌐 Interoperability. Snaps in this category enable seamless interaction with non-EVM-compatible blockchains and dApps;

🔔 Notifications . With these Snaps, users can customise and receive Web3 notifications right in their MetaMask wallets.

How to get started

Participating in the beta test is available to all MetaMask users. You need to follow these steps: 

1. Update the MetaMask extension for your browser;

2. Go to the Snaps catalogue;

3. Find the one you need, click "Add to MetaMask," and follow the instructions in the wallet.

A variety of Snaps is already available, offering users to add support for networks like Cosmos or Bitcoin, as well as the protection against phishing, and more.

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