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Fee Schedule
Last updated on 02.03.2019

By acting as an virtual currency exchange service provider the Itez applies commission for each virtual currency exchange transaction between The Customer and the Itez. This commission comes up to 8% of the transaction amount (depending on virtual currency unit) and is included in the final transaction amount for the Customer. Following article 5.4. and 5.8. of the Terms of Service The Customer shall acknowledge, pay or reimburse the Company with banks and(or) payment system Exchange fees incurred by the Company, including, but not limited to payment processing, reversed charge, refund, chargeback, currency exchange, ad hoc services, administrative fees, foreign currency transfers, credit card processing, oversees or correspondent bank charges, etc. The Customer will be solely responsible for any Exchange fees applied to the transaction and irrevocably agrees to accept and allow the Itez to deduct them from transaction amount.