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Last updated on 13.05.2024
  1. This Refunds Policy outlines Itez’s rules regarding refunds. For the full definition of the capitalised words in this Refunds Policy, please refer to our Terms of Service. Please read them along with the Risk Disclosure regarding the risks associated with Crypto-assets and our Services before initiating any transaction on the Platform.
  2. Given the unique characteristics of crypto-assets and crypto-transactions, it's crucial to understand that refunds may only be granted by us under the specific circumstances described below. Otherwise, once You initiate a Transaction, it's considered final and cannot be refunded. Therefore, before making a transaction via the Platform, to minimise errors and ensure a smooth and secure process You should thoroughly verify all the provided details for accuracy, including, but not limited to, the associated digital wallet address or bank account details, the transaction amount, the compatibility of crypto-assets being sent to the receiving wallet or network support, Your control over and access to the payment method and others.
  3. A refund for the Exchange Transaction can be requested and considered only:
    1. if an incorrect Exchange Transaction occurs as a result of our failure; or
    2. if Your Funds have been successfully deposited to Itez and no further Exchange Transaction was initiated (which means that the Funds in return for Your Deposit have not been sent to Your designated digital wallet address or bank account within the predetermined time frame for executing the Exchange Transaction).

    Refunds for the Exchange Transactions, at our sole discretion, may be processed in the same currency as the initial deposit placed to initiate the Transaction, or in the currency previously chosen by You for the Exchange purposes.

  4. Refunds for the Wallet Transactions can be requested and considered only if an incorrect Wallet Transaction occurs as a result of our failure. Refunds for the Wallet Transactions are provided in the same currency as the refunded Transaction.
  5. Refunds are not available in the following cases:
    1. Once a Transaction has been initiated, and Funds have already been sent to the designated bank account or digital wallet address;
    2. If Crypto-assets of one type have been sent to a digital wallet intended for a different type of Crypto-assets (cross-chain deposits);
    3. If either the digital wallet address or bank account details provided by You is incorrect;
    4. Where the Transaction was initiated by indicating the digital wallet address or Blockchain network that is not supporting the particular type of Crypto-Assets chosen by You;
    5. Where You have no control or access to the digital wallet address or bank account indicated to perform the Transaction;
    6. Where You have mistakenly indicated the Transaction amount or any other Transaction details;
    7. If the name of the User differs from the name on the payer's account;
    8. If a Transaction has been initiated due to a security breach on the Your device/Account, or as a result of unauthorised access to Your Account;
    9. Where anonymous payment methods have been used;
    10. If You were misrepresented or coerced into performing a Transaction by a third party;
    11. In any other cases specified in the Itez Terms of Service;
  6. Please be aware that once a Transaction has been processed by Itez, it cannot be reversed. Should You wish to revert Your Funds to the original Fiat or Crypto-asset, or redeposit Funds into Your Wallet, You must initiate a new Transaction, which will incur applicable Fees.
  7. When making payments, You shall adhere to the Itez payment process. If You send funds to Itez and later decide to cancel the Transaction through a third-party financial institution without first contacting Itez, You will be responsible for any associated cancellation costs.
  8. To request a refund, please contact Itez via [email protected] from the email address associated with their Account. Please note that submitting a refund request does not guarantee its approval.
  9. Reviewing Your refund request will commence once we have verified Your identity.
  10. We will work on processing Your refund request as quickly as we can, but the time it takes may vary depending on the reason for the refund and our current workload.
  11. Please note that we can only process Your refund once all the necessary Fees, including those charged by third-party providers and the network, have been paid.
  12. Any charges arising upon processing the refund request are borne solely by You. The relevant charges are deducted from the final amount of the refund.
  13. If we have agreed to a refund, the Funds will be returned via the same payment method used for the initial payment. In some cases (for instance in cases where Google Pay or similar payment technology was used), Itez may need to request additional details from You and/or request from you additional identity verification. Please be aware that approved refund amounts may take up to 10 days to reach You.
  14. Unfortunately, refunds to virtual cards with virtual card numbers are not possible.