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Last updated on 13.05.2024
  1. Itez, along with its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, or any other third-party providers, charges fees for each Deposit, Exchange, and Withdrawal Transaction performed by the User, which may reach up to 8% of each Transaction volume.
  2. Itez Exchange fees charged to You consist of an Exchange fee and, where applicable, an additional payment processing fee that is included in the final Exchange fee charged to the User.
  3. Itez Wallet fees charged consist of Deposit and Withdrawal fees and, where applicable, an additional Transaction processing fee that is included in the final fee charged.
  4. Itez fees are calculated before the Transaction is executed and may differ due to a combination of factors, including, but not limited to, the Transaction size, type of funds chosen for the Transaction purposes, selected payment method, and market conditions.
  5. The final fee Itez charges for the particular Transaction execution will be shown to You before the Transaction initiation.
  6. The Transactions will be performed according to the price or exchange rate displayed when You finally approve the Transaction, subject to the applicable Fees. However, due to the high volatility inherent to Crypto-assets, exchange rates displayed on the Platform, as well as the applicable Fee calculations may not always be up-to-date or completely accurate. The exchange rate is based on the current market price of the Crypto-assets subject to the Transaction which Itez has no control over. You shall not use the historical performance of specific Crypto-assets or the Crypto-asset market as indicators for future performance.
  7. Itez offers various fiat payment methods and may charge different payment processing fee rates depending on the payment method the User chooses. You understand and agree that the timeframe for the execution of the fiat-involved Transaction may vary depending on the chosen payment method and, in some cases, may take up to 4 business days in case of making a debit, credit, or prepaid card payment, or 7 business days in case of making a payment by wire transfer. The mentioned time frames depend not on Itez but on the Blockchain and external payment service providers.
  8. When choosing a debit, credit, prepaid card, or Google Pay payment method, the minimum fiat-involved Transaction amount is equal to 30 EUR (or equivalent in other currencies). The minimum fiat-involved Transaction amount in case of selecting a payment by wire transfer may vary and will be displayed to You when choosing this payment method. The issuer of Your payment method may additionally limit the maximum fiat-involved Transaction amount available to You.
  9. The availability of any given fiat payment method is not guaranteed and may vary depending on Your country of residence and other factors. The list of compatible payment methods may change at any time.
  10. If the fiat payment method You designate is invalid, cannot be verified, or is otherwise unacceptable, or if the deposited amount of funds is insufficient to cover the Transaction and applicable fees calculated by Itez, Your order may be suspended or cancelled automatically.
  11. The execution of the Crypto-asset-involved Transaction may be subject to the additional Blockchain network fees. These fees are not fixed and may vary depending on multiple factors, including the amount of Transaction, current demand for transactions in particular Blockchain networks, etc. You are aware that Blockchain network fees are additional to any fees charged by Itez. If the additional Blockchain network fee is applicable for Your Transaction, it will be calculated and displayed to You before the Transaction is initiated.
  12. You undertake to pay and/or reimburse Itez with the fees incurred by Itez, including, but not limited to, deposit fee, payment processing fee, reversed charge fee, chargeback fee, Exchange fee, Withdrawal fee, ad hoc services fee, administrative fees, foreign currency transfers fees, credit card processing fee, oversees or correspondent bank charges, etc. You will be solely responsible for any fees applied to the initiated Transaction and irrevocably agree to accept and allow Itez to deduct them from the Transaction amount or Your Account balance.
  13. The fees imposed by third-party providers are included in the total amount of each Transaction conducted through Itez. However, please note that the exact amount of these fees cannot be predetermined. The amount of these fees is subject to variability based on many factors. You are advised that the final Transaction amount includes an estimation of these third-party provider fees, which may be subject to adjustments based on the actual fees charged by such a provider.
  14. You are solely responsible for the repayment of any fees charged by third-party providers selected or arranged by You in connection with Transactions through Itez.
  15. You are solely responsible for paying taxes, calculating and declaring Your activities to appropriate tax authorities, and adhering to relevant tax laws in Your jurisdiction. Itez does not serve as a tax agent for withholding taxes on Your income from Transactions and bears no responsibility for determining the tax implications of Your Transactions or for handling the collection, reporting, or submission of any taxes arising from Your Transactions. Itez will only perform tax withholdings or filings if mandated by law.