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Refund and Cross-chain policy

Last updated on 15.07.2019

    Due to the nature of Services, the Company offer a limited refunds options such as:

    • If a person who is not a User of the Company attempted to make a transaction to the Company. In this case the Company will refund any Funds received back to the original source.

    In addition to this User has a right to get a Refund in case of:

    1. Itez requesting additional verification documents and User not providing necessary documents in the specified time period.
    2. User wanting to decline Itez services in the period of time during which the funds received from the User are temporarily withheld due to the request for additional verification documents.

    In order to apply for a Refund, User must notify Itez by email at [email protected] and complete a Refund form. User can obtain the Refund form from our support team or by following this link.


    The recovery of cross-chain deposits (i.e. when one asset is sent to a wallet that is designated for another asset) is a rather difficult and not guaranteed process. Not all deposits can be recovered and depending on which cryptocurrency has been mistakenly sent to which wallet address can influence difficulty, time and security risk involved. With this, the Customer is responsible for making sure that wallet addresses he/ she provides to the Company are correct and they have access to them.