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Refund policy

Last updated on 04.10.2023


  1. Itez guarantees that the Customer has a right to a refund only under specific conditions. A refund can be requested only if the Client’s funds have been successfully deposited to Itez and the cryptocurrency has not been sent to the Customer’s designated digital wallet address within the predetermined time frame for executing the exchange transaction.
  2. Refunds are not available in the following cases:
    1. The exchange transaction has been initiated and cryptocurrency has already been sent to the designated digital wallet address;
    2. Cryptocurrency of one type has been sent to a digital wallet intended for a different type of cryptocurrency (cross-chain deposits);
    3. The digital wallet address provided by the Customer is incorrect;
    4. The Customer has no control or access to the specified digital wallet address;
    5. The Customer has mistakenly indicated the exchange transaction amount;
    6. The exchange transaction has been initiated due to a security breach on the Customer's device/account;
    7. Anonymous payment methods were used;
    8. The name of the Customer differs from the name on the payer's account.
  3. The Customer must follow Itez’s payment process. If the Customer sends funds to Itez and then requests a cancellation from a third-party financial institution before contacting Itez, the Customer is responsible for covering all cancellation costs.
  4. The right to refund may arise only if the Customer has paid all relevant Fees.
  5. Any charges that arise upon processing of the refund request shall be borne solely by the Customer. The relevant charges are deducted from the final amount of the refund.
  6. To request a refund, the Customer must contact Itez by submitting a refund request to [email protected] from the email address associated with their Account. Please note that submitting a refund request does not guarantee approval.
  7. The review of the Customer's refund request will commence only after Itez has verified the Customer's identity.
  8. Itez will process the Customer's refund request as promptly as reasonably possible, with response times subject to the reasons for the refund and current workload.
  9. If a refund is approved, the funds will be returned via the same payment method used for the initial payment. In cases where Google Pay was used, Itez may request additional details from the Customer.
  10. Refunds to virtual cards with virtual card numbers are not possible.