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The first information about Gas Heroes

Find Satoshi Lab, the company behind the successful play-to-earn app STEPN, has announced a generous giveaway of over 2 million GMT tokens (which is equivalent to approximately $420,000) to promote its new crypto video game named Gas Hero

The giveaway will span three months and invites participants to create and design unique 'heroes' or avatars that could be included in the final version of the game. Winners will be selected based on the creativity of their theme, the quality of their design, and the backstory accompanying each avatar.


Some specifics

Gas Hero, a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), is set to launch later this year and will be available on both web browsers and mobile phones. In an interview with Decrypt, Find Satoshi Lab COO Shiti Manghani provided some insights into the game’s setting. The storyline takes place in a dystopian world of 2084, where a rogue AI has triggered a nuclear war. In response, the United Nations initiates Operation Spark to fight back, giving birth to Gas Heroes.

While specific details of the game remain under wraps, players can expect a social gaming experience where interaction is incentivized by rewards like "power, fame, [and] money," according to Shiti Manghani. This marks a significant leap for Find Satoshi Lab into a more immersive and creative gaming compared to STEPN, which has no game characters or lore.

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