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20 September, 2023
Balancer DEX website hacked with $238,000 in losses
The hack happened due to a vulnerability in the frontend.
15 September, 2023
Understanding DeFi
Let’s find out how DeFi solves the banking monopoly issue.
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15 September, 2023
Что такое DeFi: рассказываем простыми словами
Рассказываем, как DeFi помогает бороться с монополией банков на финансовом рынке.
8 September, 2023
User lost $24 million due to phishing attack
The hacker took out 9,579 stETH and 4,851 rETH from a user’s account.
14 August, 2023
Binance Labs and Curve partnership
$5 million investment for 12.5 million tokens and commitment to the BNB Chain deployment.
8 August, 2023
Curve’s hunt for a scammer
The recently hacked DeFi platform offers a reward in pursuit of the attacker.
1 August, 2023
Curve’s $50 million vulnerability
DeFi platform suffers significant losses due to an exploit of smart contracts.
18 July, 2023
Uniswap unveils a new protocol
UniswapX is aimed to improve DeFi trading experience.
6 July, 2023
dYdX makes its move to Cosmos
Top perpetual DEX announced a public testnet launch on the Cosmos Network towards decentralization.
4 July, 2023
ERC-7265 to protect funds
An Ethereum proposal to reduce the damage from DeFi hacks.
1 June, 2022
June crypto events - Itez Calendar
List of the most significant crypto events of June!