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Main Blog Technology Lufthansa airlines launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon

Lufthansa airlines launches NFT loyalty program on Polygon

On 31 August, German airline Lufthansa announced the launch of a loyalty program with NFTs built on Polygon. The company's customers will be able to receive tokens for flights and then exchange them for premium services.

Lufthansa is an airline giant that owns several subsidiary airlines. The most famous ones are Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Brussels Airlines, and Eurowings.

What’s the point of Lufthansa’s NFT loyalty program

Through the Uptrip app (Android, IOS), customers can scan airline ticket codes and receive NFTs on the Polygon blockchain in their wallet for each flight. Then, after collecting several tokens, they have the opportunity to exchange them for different services provided by the airline, such as free in-flight Wi-Fi, access to airport lounges, etc.

All NFTs are thematic and related to cities, planes, and special routes (for example, crossing the North Pole).

The program has been in a test mode since the beginning of the summer, with 20,000+ participants and 200,000+ trading cards issued. Now, it is available to all of the company's clients. Soon, the developers will also add such functions as trading and exchanging NFTs. 

Other Polygon use cases

Brands and even governments often choose Polygon for different initiatives. For instance, Italy and Mongolia are exploring ways for Polygon to build some of their services. In India, you can even confirm ownership of a land plot with NFTs built on the platform.

Among other companies, the most famous Polygon’s partnership is with Starbucks, which signed in 2022. The brand built a loyalty program with NFTs on the blockchain, too.

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