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Learn more about DAI: How to buy, Exploring Its Impact, Market Capitalization, and more
What is DAI?

Dai (DAI) is a type of stablecoin backed not by fiat currency but by cryptocurrency collateral. It maintains its value close to the US Dollar without being directly tied to it. DAI's functionality is rooted in MakerDAO, a decentralized system that facilitates the creation and management of the cryptocurrency. Leveraging smart contracts on the Ethereum platform and other intricacies, MakerDAO ensures DAI's stability while avoiding a rigid tie to any conventional currency. How does it operate? Individuals can generate DAI by locking up their cryptocurrency in smart contracts, akin to a loan scenario where DAI plays the role of the borrower. Lenders receive DAI as collateral.

For those seeking a cryptocurrency striving to preserve price stability yet not tethered to traditional currencies, DAI might be an excellent choice. It finds utility in decentralized financial applications and is actively traded on various exchanges.

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Сhoose crypto
Select one from the list, then choose the fiat currency to pay with and enter the amount.
Enter wallet address
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Decide whether you want to pay via SEPA or just using bank card and confirm the payment. Now you own DAI!
How to buy
What is Itez?

Fast and secure way to purchase crypto with bank card & SEPA

Best rates on the market
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Fast transactions
We ensure that you receive your DAI as fast as possible
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3-D Secure transactions. Card authorisation by code. Verified by Visa, Mastercard ID Check
How can I obtain Dai?
You can buy or stake Dai through such crypto exchanges as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and OKX. Also you can buy Dai via licensed itez service, where you can smoothly pay for crypto with a bank card or SEPA. Moreover, you may also get Dai through the MakerDAO system.
Is Dai subject to price fluctuations like other cryptocurrencies?
Compared to many other cryptocurrencies, Dai is relatively stable, as it is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar rate. However, it still can experience fluctuations as the market is dynamic.
What role does the MakerDAO system play in the Dai ecosystem?
MakerDAO is the decentralised organisation. It's the issuer of two coins: Dai (DAI) and Maker (MKR). Dai is used as a stablecoin, while MKR is MakerDAO's governance token. The organisation makes desicions on the project's development through a desentralised voting process, where every MKR holder has a say.
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