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What is Stellar?

Creating a unified network for all forms of money might sound ambitious, but that’s exactly what Stellar has done. Stellar is an open-source cryptocurrency network created in 2014 by Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple. It uses its native token, lumen (XLM), to connect various financial systems, facilitating fast and secure transactions. Unlike many cryptocurrencies, XLM cannot be mined; it must be bought.

Stellar enables rapid transactions between different currencies without involving banks. Its consensus protocol designates specific nodes for transaction verification, allowing for about 4,000 transactions per second. Stellar’s blockchain aims to enhance, not replace, the existing financial system. It allows issuing tokens in any currency, including cryptocurrencies, and automatically converts one currency to another during transactions. By working with real-world financial partners, it facilitates currency conversion outside the blockchain.

XLM is primarily used within the Stellar network for transactions, with a small fee per transaction to prevent misuse. This blockchain supports cheap, secure, high-speed international payments, with over 5 million addresses. Stellar's partners include MoneyGram and IBM World Wire.

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1. Can I use XLM for everyday transactions and purchases like Bitcoin?
XML offers low fees and quick confirmation times, so it's pretty much suitable for everyday use, even for purchasing Bitcoin.
2. What's the significance of Stellar's "anchors" in its network?
Stellar's anchors accept deposits in fiat and send the equivalent amount but in digital assets to users.
3. How does Stellar enable cross-border payments, and what advantages does it offer over traditional methods?
Stellar enables cross-border payments via the blockchain technology. The main advantage is that transactions happen within a few seconds. Moreover, Stellar also provides low fees.
4. Is XLM's supply capped, and how does it affect its value?
XLM has a fixed supply. In October 2019, the community voted to eliminate the annual increase, so the total XLM's supply stands at about 50 billion coins. If the demand is high, the token's value increases. If the demand is low, the price is likely to drop.
5. Can I stake XLM to earn rewards or participate in network governance?
No, you cannot stake XLM as it employs Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), which makes Stellar an open-source system.
6. What's the role of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) in the ecosystem?
SDF is responsible for the development and promotion of the Stellar network. It supports the blockchain's growth and adoption, shapes the strategic direction, and manages funding.
7. How does Stellar address scalability concerns?
For addressing scalability concerns, Stellar employs a few features that enchance its efficiency. For instance, it uses a unique consensus algorithm called the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), which doesn't rely on energy-demanding proof-of-work mechanisms and enables faster transactions.
8. What's "atomic swapping" in the context of Stellar?
Atomic swapping refers to a process when two parties exchange various assets on the Stellar blockchain in a highly secure manner. The word "atomic" in this case implies that swaps happen entirely or not at all.
9. Can Stellar be used for tokenizing assets beyond traditional currencies?
Yes, Stellar is actually designed to be a platform that supports tokenization beyond traditional financing. Among many things, users can tokenize commodities, real estate, equities and stoks, debt instruments, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
10. What's "inflation" in Stellar, and how does it work?
In Stellar, "inflation" means a mechanism for distributing newly created XLM tokens to network participants regularly. Users vote for inflation, and when it's approved, they get those coins based on their relative voting weights.